Russells Ride 2010, Australia

Hello, my name is Russell Nurse.

This year's ride is a follow up of my first long distance dirt and tar ride last year.

We (my son Karl and I) traveled 8300km in 16 days on a pair of DR 650s and afterward I found I really had the bug.

The Donahue and Plenty Highways, the Tanami Desert, Wolf Creek Crater , the Kimberleys, Birdsville & Innamincka were no longer just places on a map and I'm itching to get going again.

Last year was about learning (lessons like running out of fuel on the Tanami or getting water in our fuel) fortunately we had vehicular support.

This year I've got a new side kick (my eldest son Luke) and we're doing it without support. On the agenda is Menindee, Tibooburra, Camerons Corner, Lyndhurst, Oodnadatta, Mt Dare, Dalhousie, Purni Bore, Finke, The Olgas and The Rock, Jervois, Boulia, Bedourie, Cordillo Downs and more.

I'll be blogging my way, as internet access permits so subscribe to the Two Wheel Touring Newsletter (see side bar) to follow my progress.

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14 June, 2010
The day started with me showering at 4.30 am after I misheard a reply from Luke about the time (I thought he said 5.30). We are trying to get going just after sunrise, Packing the bikes is suprisingly time consuming so we dont always make it but we'll get better.

Packed up and on the road for 7.00am.  The day was cold but we had clear skys and bright sun promising some warmth.

After catching our first real sight of the dunes we developed a steady pace on what seemed like an endless roller coaster

There was much new growth about and the green contrasting the red soil is very picturesce. We saw two very heathly dingos obvious benefiting from the good season too.

As you would expect after prolonged rains and numerous days off the job, a lot of roadworks are back under way today. We came across a grader towing that was towing his 4wd that was towing his caravan out to a remote site!

The road had turned to soft sand, a fact that I really didn't fully appreciate until I slowed down and the front end dug in wobbling me and the bike all over the place. The soft sand really needs to be negotiated with a reasonable speed, a habit that can be hard to practice when you are learning to ride this stuff... slow speeds feel like you are out of control.

We were soon on the renown Strezlecki track (more like a highway) We maintain good speed but were menaced by:

1. "Bash" Cars - RFDS I think. Must have been 100 of them.

2.More Birds- This trip is turning into an "Alfread Hitchcock"!

A bash travelling in the opposite direction managed to chase an entire flock into me. At least two hit me, to make it even more interesting I had no visibility and was on a slippery road.  Could have turned nasty but it didn't.

Fortunately the road surface changed and we both pulled up to check the tyres because the bikes were moving around so much. It was like riding on ball bearings, a sensation you learn to live with.

Stopped at Lydhurst for a late lunch then rode through to Maree without incident.

A few beers and a big dinner and another day was done. 

Bye for now,